Full Body FPS Controller

Kickstart your fps/tps game with our awesome Full Body FPS Controller Asset. 

Note : This Asset is Part of our Easy Survival Scripts package, so you don't need this if you have that already imported. 

To help the community, we have made this Asset available for FREE to be used by everyone in their projects. 

Features Highlights : 
> Full Body FPS Controller. 
> Super Easy to change Character, just drag and drop your own Humanoid Model. 
> Change Camera Perspective with a single button. 
> Powerful Camera Controller. 
> Works out of the box with XBox Controller. 
> Easy to use and requires no coding knowledge. 
> Comes with Manual and Video Tutorial. 

Since the Animations used in the Asset are open source, so you have to download them separately from 

Useful Links : 
Tutorials Playlist 
PC Demo 

Please feel free to Contact us in case of any queries, we always try to respond quickly regardless of any timezone. 

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